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" When we bask in the intense power of His love, we can't help but be changed "

– Katherine Ruonala

" When we bask in the intense power of His love, we can't help but be changed "

– Katherine Ruonala

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Katherine Ruonala has a prophetic and healing ministry and travels internationally as a conference speaker bringing a message of love and hope to the nations. Katherine carries a strong prophetic and miracle anointing with many experiencing instant healing in her meetings. Reaching across denominational walls, her ministry is also used to spread the fires of revival and ignite a fresh passion in the hearts of believers to go deeper in their relationship with God.

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Judged Faithful

Listen to the wonderful revelation Katherine Ruonala shares about how God truly sees you.
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Katherine Ruonala's

- "Speak Life"

We all have the power to change our lives and our relationships with the words we speak.Many of us float through life proclaiming only the things that we can see. However, we have a God-given ability to partner with the Holy Spirit to affect the world around us with our words. Once we understand God’s perspective, we can speak life into every part of our existence. Let Katherine show you how wonderful your future can be by partnering with God’s promises and speaking life into every situation. As you read Speak Life you will learn:•that God is totally with you, in you, and for you•how much power God has given you through your words•how to bring God’s promises into existence•what the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are saying about you•the keys to transforming your circumstances and relationships•the treasure trove of promises waiting to be released by your words
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Katherine Ruonala Ministries has partnered with World Hope Network which will enable many souls to be impacted. You can watch Katherine’s show on Daystar. Please consider partnering today.

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