• Prophetic Words for 2020


    Compiled by Larry Sparks with Contributions from

    • Emma Stark
    • Jeremiah Johnson
    • Lana Vawser
    • Robert Henderson
    • David Balestri
    • Ana Werner
    • Hand and Brenda Kunneman
    • Patricia King
    • Sarah Cheesman
    • Mario Murillo
    • Katherine Ruonala
    • Rick Joyner
    • Arleen Westerhof
    • Gene Bailey
    • Kevin Zadai
    • Betty King
    • James W Goll
  • Ali’s Secret – Rob Turner


    The statistics regarding child sexual abuse (CSA) are horrendous but there is HOPE. There is a ground swell of momentum to break the silence and turn the tide.

    The average delay to disclosure of CSA is currently 24 years. I want to reduce this to two years so that victims are empowered to start a journey of healing as soon as possible. More than 15% of our school students are victims of CSA.  For girls, it is around one in five. How many victims are in your school? Each one of these victims could start on a new path if they are empowered to disclose.

    Ali’s Secret is a great resource for parents, carers, chaplains and counsellors; to open discussion, empower resilience and take steps toward safety and healing (while keeping innocent children unscathed by the subject). It is suitable for reading to mixed primary school groups.

  • Connection


    A Handbook for Cultivation Closeness – Mark and Christine Greenwood

  • Supernatural Freedom


    Do you ever wonder why you’re not experiencing the freedom and abundant life promised in Scripture?

    Despite the freedom that Jesus purchased at the cross, many Christians still live in bondage because they are unaware of the lavish spiritual blessings that God has opened to them.

    Katherine Ruonala is a world-renowned pastor who operates in notable signs and miracles. In Supernatural Freedom, she shows that when you begin to access the true deliverance that Jesus makes available, you will run boldly towards the impossible, filled with supernatural power and confidence!

    Through Katherine’s transparent teaching and dynamic, supernatural stories, you will learn how to…

    – Live your Christian life as a child of God, seated in heavenly places with Jesus.
    – Recognize common strongholds where the enemy keeps you captive.
    – Use the spiritual “weapons of war” you’ve been granted.
    – Resist temptation and receive “double for your trouble” in blessings.
    – Experience complete freedom from guilt, anxiety, heaviness, and sickness.

    Discover the incredible freedom and abundance that Jesus promised—in every area of your life!


  • Speak Life


    We all have the power to change our lives and our relationships with the words we speak. Many of us float through life proclaiming only the things that we can see. However, we have a God-given ability to partner with the Holy Spirit to affect the world around us with our words. Once we understand God’s perspective, we can speak life into every part of our existence. Let Katherine show you how wonderful your future can be by partnering with God’s promises and speaking life into every situation. As you read Speak Life you will learn:

    – That God is totally with you, in you, and for you
    – How much power God has given you through your words
    – How to bring God’s promises into existence
    – What the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are saying about you
    – The keys to transforming your circumstances and relationships
    – The treasure trove of promises waiting to be released by your words

  • APS 2017


    Recordings of all the sessions from Australian Prophetic Summit 2017.

    Speakers included:
    – Katherine Ruonala
    – Andy Geerken
    – Lana Vawser
    – Todd Weatherly
    – Dary Crawford Marshall
    – David Balestri
    – Isi de Gersigny
    – Nate Johnston

    Includes prophetic insight sessions and various ministry sessions.