From Wilderness To Wonders



The journey from receiving a promise to then experiencing the fulfillment of that promise can be lonely and confusing.  Many people are confused and hurting because of the twists, turns, delays, and seeming contradictions they experience along the way—not realizing that these are normal parts of the process.

Set your heart on a pilgrimage of strength
From Wilderness to Wonders examines the journey—the one that takes believers through wilderness seasons full of tests and trials—and emphasizes the importance of enduring the process.  By discussing the lives of some of God’s great deliverers (e.g., Moses, David, and Joseph) and the processes He brought them through, you will be encouraged to stand in faith for all God has promised you. Learn practical strategies for:

– Cooperating with God in difficult seasons
– Maximizing spiritual growth during these times
– Maintaining joy during wilderness seasons
– And much more!

The heart of God is for you to find joy, rest, peace, and strength in whatever season you may be experiencing. You can find joy in the knowledge that God is for you, believes in you, and is making all things work together for your good; and that in the process, He is transforming you and equipping you for His purpose.