Ali’s Secret – Rob Turner


The statistics regarding child sexual abuse (CSA) are horrendous but there is HOPE. There is a ground swell of momentum to break the silence and turn the tide.

The average delay to disclosure of CSA is currently 24 years. I want to reduce this to two years so that victims are empowered to start a journey of healing as soon as possible. More than 15% of our school students are victims of CSA.  For girls, it is around one in five. How many victims are in your school? Each one of these victims could start on a new path if they are empowered to disclose.

Ali’s Secret is a great resource for parents, carers, chaplains and counsellors; to open discussion, empower resilience and take steps toward safety and healing (while keeping innocent children unscathed by the subject). It is suitable for reading to mixed primary school groups.